…and what I learned from it.

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At the beginning of 2019, I was feeling pudgy and unaccomplished. With a new born baby and a toddler, 30-pounds of baby weight to lose and a significant birthday on the horizon I wanted to put some semblence of structure back in my life. But I also had some real limitations. Not to mention I was exhausted.

Like other working parents, many of the things I loved pre-kids had taken a back seat after the little ones arrived. My adventure travel took me away from home too long. My sports flying now seemed reckless…

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Why owning this hour of your day, is the best efficiency hack out there.

In the past 8pm has meant for me exhaustion, falling asleep while putting the kids to bed, checking that last email, saying that I am going to read a book, but watching Netflix or doomscrolling social media instead, so I decided to change my routines.

I first changed my morning routine, last year during a period of high COVID restriction, I started getting up at 5am and it’s been a game changer for my productivity and daily outlook. …

Although much of the world is tasting freedom for the first time, many of us are still restricted from traveling in the way we’d hoped to.

However, coming to 15-months of being in the same city, I argue that we must take vacation anyway. For our joy, for our mental health and for our performance.

Last year, I wrote an article about my own experience with burnout during the pandemic and the more I read about personal and professional effectiveness, the more I believe taking frequent and genuine breaks from work is critical to success.

I do understand that every…

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And why it led us to change the way we think about rest.

Last week, I was meeting with one of the up and coming leaders of our organization, reviewing her department’s performance and her plan for the year. As we talked through things like the emotional toll that operating in a COVID-19 environment had taken on her team, I brought up a touchy subject.

About half way through last year, she got a job offer. A really good job offer. She was approached by a government funded organization (read: big salary & more stability) to take a huge remit…

(aka all my resolutions failed in January)

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For most people 2020 was the year that all their goals fell apart. Hit by the COVID-19 pandemic people struggled to get things done: operating environments changed, business failed, schools closed, people got sick, and they longed for 2020 to be over.

I am not saying that 2020 was a great year for me, but nearly all my goals depended on my action alone: writing a book, more exercise, eating healthy, trying new things with my husband, and reviewing policies and procedures at work.

Yes- I had to be adaptable when gyms closed. Yes- I had to be creative to…

And a portrait of what we have lost in the fading of the “Greatest Generation”

Photo with permission of the author

As COVID-19 has swept the world, we have all felt loss. Loss of control, loss of flexibility and, millions around the world have also lost the oldest members of our families.

With the passing of my grandmother, Selma Mayer, I have been reflecting on the global pandemic, which has been the deadliest for the elderly, and what we have lost along with them.

My grandmother was born in 1924 in Mississippi. The eldest child of immigrants whose families had fled the persecution and chaos of…

…and the individuals who helped make it happen #thenewCSR — HKBN

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The article “5 Reasons Why NGO’s Should Invest in IT” recently published in “The Innovation” highlights a specific project which was a game-changer to one nonprofit’s efficiency: an online cloud-based remote community portal for volunteers. Together with the support of a visionary funder, a pro bono service provider and a global tech giant, Mother’s Choice, a charity serving children without families and young girls facing crisis pregnancy in Hong Kong developed a community portal to manage its hundreds of regular volunteers.

Volunteers are an incredible gift to any organization…

…and the individuals who helped make it happen #thenewCSR — Salesforce

Image courtesy of Salesforce

Last week, Rebecca Brosnan, COO of Mother’s Choice, published an article in “The Innovation” on “5 Reasons Why NGO’s Should Invest in IT…and the Role that the Corporate Sector Can Play to Make it Happen.”

Specifically, she talked about lack of funding for nonprofits to take on major IT projects, but also the extreme difficulty in “keeping the lights” on including the cost of on-going licensing costs as well as the ability to afford or recruit the talent necessarily to implement and maintain those systems.

…and the Role that the Corporate Sector Can Play to Make it Happen

Image Courtesy of Mother’s Choice Limited

In the past two months since I published an article on building capacity, I have been encouraged by the reaction of many readers. Several leaders within the non-profit industry reached out to say how much they thought this view needed to be championed. Some of our donors have asked how they can help. The most rewarding moment for me personally was when a talented professional who volunteered to do a major review on our building and facility needs told me, “I read your article and decided to…

In her recently published article on building capacity at non-profits (link), Mother’s Choice COO, Rebecca Brosnan, highlights how underinvestment in people, systems and infrastructure can cause operational challenges for non-profits, in the same way it can in the corporate world. In her article, she also highlights how Mother’s Choice has partnered with corporate leaders who believe in and support the building of capacity in the social sector to tackle society’s toughest problems. Here is one of those partnerships.

Mercer, a global management consulting firm focused on human resources, is now entering the second phase of investing in Mother’s Choice, a…

Rebecca Brosnan

Wife, Mom, Reader, Swimmer, Believer, Goal Kicker, COO of Mother’s Choice

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